Net neutrality is DEAD. Get over it, Internet | Computerworld

Net neutrality is DEAD. Get over it, Internet | Computerworld.

Now we’re getting more information.  Not necessarily conflicting information but we still have to wonder why Verizon is pushing this?   Or are they?  A while ago I posted an article that nailed Verizon as the original, and apparently the only, lawsuit filer.  OK, I can believe this.  If it can increase their profit, they’re going to do it for their stock holders.  But then why are the other providers (as far as I can tell) staying away from the lawsuit. And the above link takes you to an article tending to confirm that. The reality is,  profit doesn’t seem to be much of an incentive to be for or against Internet Neutrality.

Remember we’re talking about a lot of broadband providers – Wired and Wireless.  Verizon, AT&T, Sprint,  AOL, Comcast, Windstream, MY provider for sure.  So think about it, the public has made it plain  that they want Net Neutrality. Hundreds, if not thousands, of providers made it plain  that they want Net Neutrality.  IF all this is the case, what is Verizon’s motivation and what is the FCC’s motivation to allow Verizon’s hands to play in their pockets

Any thoughts?

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